In throes of heroin crisis, New Jersey risks losing 42 percent of treatment beds

In throes of heroin crisis, New Jersey risks losing 42 percent of treatment beds

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After the enactment of New York’s 911 GSL, emergency department visits and inpatient hospital admissions for accidental heroin overdoses increased differently in New York and New Jersey, with an.

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To boost the number of beds available for low-income residents, the federal government has granted California, Maryland, Massachusetts and New York a waiver of an obscure Medicaid rule that prohibits the use of federal dollars for addiction treatment provided in facilities with more than 16 beds.

The statistics on New Jersey’s heroin crisis are staggering and paint a picture of a crisis that spreads far beyond overdoses and deaths. (Video by Benjamin Hancock and Andre Malok | NJ Advance.

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New York’s spending on heroin and opioid treatment has, in fact, doubled since 2011, but the numbers are tricky.. yet the state has only increased its number of treatment beds by 4 percent.

Treatment Alternative’s New jersey drug rehab reports drug related overdoses were up 22 percent in New Jersey in the year 2015. The state attorney general’s report confirmed this information, going on to predict worse numbers to come towards the end 2016. Prosecutor Joseph Coronato gave a statement on the growing epidemic: "A year or a year and a half ago,

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There is no doubt about it: the United States is in the midst of a heroin crisis, and New Jersey is no exception. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half a million Americans died of a drug overdose between 2000 and 2014, and over sixty percent of those overdoses involved opiates, such as heroin (CDC.)

Twenty eight day rehabs put dependent heroin users at a high risk for overdose death after treatment and should possibly be eliminated. Rapid detox with methadone or buprenorphine also puts dependent heroin users at a high risk for overdose death after treatment and should possibly be eliminated.

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